3 Roof Tips to Winter Proof Your Home.

Your home is your safe haven against the harsh cold winter weather in Melbourne. Most homes provide a safe dry environment during the wet season, but is that enough? Take a closer look at your home, is it winter proof? Winter is famous for extra high heating costs and potentially expensive home repairs, if your home is not properly prepared for the conditions ahead. There may even be potential health hazards lurking that can put you and your loved ones in danger. The team at Melbourne Reroofing Group have put together the top 3 tips to winter proof your home.

Insulation and draught control.

When was the last time you checked your insulation? Your floor and ceiling insulation are very important when it comes to keeping you warm and retaining heat in the home during the winter months. If your house is elevated, you are more at risk of cold draughts coming up through the floor and if your ceiling isn’t correctly insulated, your nice hot air will escape through your roof. You may believe that quality roofing insulation is expensive, but you will find it provides a quick return through savings made by minimising your heating and cooling costs all year round. Providing you and your family more comfort all year round.

Hot Tip: Draught snakes are great for preventing cold air coming through the bottom of your doors if your doors do not have rubber weather sealing strips already installed.

Melbourne Reroofing Group Insulation

Your Roof: Time to Replace, Restore or Repair.

Day to day your roof may appear to be fine, but when a heavy downpour strikes are you going to be taken back by roof leaks and water running through your ceiling cavities? Don’t let this be the case, prevention is key.

Over time, roofs can wear out and potentially develop leaks and worse, water damage throughout your property. This can cost you thousands if not prevented. Detecting where the water enters into your roof can be difficult if you decide to take on a DIY approach. We highly recommend getting a roofing specialist to asses and check your roof at least once a year with an expert roof inspection. The professionals know what to look out for and can give you the best advice on your roof and the conditions surrounding it.

Roof maintenance may appear to be expensive, but not maintaining it can cost you much more in potential damages.

Melbourne Reroofing Group Gutter Clean

Check your gutters.

For your roof plumbing system to work in harmony your guttering and downpipes need to be fully functional. Ensure your gutters are always clean by removing any debris and rubbish that may be in them. For most single storey properties, this is an easy monthly DIY weekend project. In any case you may prefer to call in the experts to clean your gutters out for you, they will service clean your gutters and complete an inspection for you.

If you’d like to have your roof or gutters inspected, please get in touch with the team at Melbourne Reroofing Group today on 1300 2 REROOF.