4 Myths About Metal Roofs in Melbourne.

For many years metal roofs were a less popular choice of roofing for residential homeowners in Melbourne as they were commonly associated with industrial and commercial buildings. Flash forward to today, metal roofs are gaining popularity in roofing in the residential sector, and for good reason. Metal roofing now is renowned for its ability to be very aesthetically pleasing, durable and energy-efficient. Colorbond metal roofing offers a variety of 22 roofing colours and with its advanced technology, the metal roofing sheets offer five layers of protection, giving you even more reasons to make the switch to a metal roof today.

Despite metal roofs growing popularity in Melbourne, there are still many misconceptions that may deter people from purchasing or upgrading to a metal roof, so we’ve put together the top 4 myths about metal roofs for you to explore.

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Metal Roof Myth Number 1. Metal roofs are really loud when it rains.

Have you ever stood in a shed, a carport or an old barn whilst it has rained heavily and heard the deafening sound of the rain falling on the metal roof above? Truth is, you shouldn’t expect the same deafening sound from a residential metal roof. Residential metal roofs work together in harmony with your roof deck and insulation and together they quickly minimise any outdoor sounds, whatever they may be. In short metal roofs are just as quiet, if not quieter than your typical clay or asphalt roof when installed correctly.

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Metal Roof Myth Number 2. Metal roofs attract lightning.

This one is a common misconception when it comes to metal roofs, whilst metal is a conductor of lightning, it does not attract lightning. Lightning strikes whatever is closest to it. This is why you commonly see things such as telephone poles and trees struck as they are generally the tallest things. If in the unlikely event your house is struck by lightning, having a metal roof will safely disperse the energy through the structure of your home. Did you know, metal roofs are non-combustible, making it the safest option for your home when it comes to lightning?

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Metal Roof Myth Number 3. Metal roofs increase the temperature of your home.

False. Metal roofs reflect UV rays as opposed to other varieties of roof that do the opposite and absorb heat. A correctly installed metal roof can maintain a consistent interior temperature of your home which can potentially save you up to forty per cent in heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

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Metal Roof Myth Number 4. Metal roofs are heavy for your house.

Did you know metal roofs are the lightest roofing option? Generally speaking, metal roofs are 50% lighter than your standard tiled roof. This quality makes it one of the primary reasons many homeowners that require a reroof opt for a metal roof over the top of their existing asphalt roof. This gives the homeowner all the weatherproofing qualities without compromising the structural integrity of their home.

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