How often should a roof inspection be conducted?

Metal roof inspections in Melbourne are extremely important as they allow you to identify any issues with your roof nice and early. It’s an important part of property maintenance that many homeowners forget about or overlook. Don’t underestimate the importance of regular inspections to ensure your roof is doing its job correctly and keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Roof inspections are especially important if your roof falls on the older spectrum of roofs. Many older roofs don’t carry the benefit and engineering of today’s roofs which make them more prone to damage and wear and tear.

Ensuring regular roof inspections are completed can identify potential roof issues early allowing you to repair or replace your roof early if need be. The team at Melbourne Reroofing Group can assist with a free onsite quote should you find any potential risks.

How often should I get my roof inspected in Melbourne?

At Melbourne Reroofing Group a good rule of thumb and recommendation is for any roof 1 to 5 years old, you should conduct an inspection annually (once a year) and for any roof 5 years or older, you should conduct a roof inspection at minimum twice a year. Be sure to also check all parts of your roof plumbing, including gutters. In Melbourne, gutter repairs are one of the most common problems and jobs we are called to. If you think your roof is overdue for a roof inspection if you have found some roof plumbing issues, contact the team at MRG on 1300 2 REROOF.

What you may find during a routine roof inspection.

There are many things you or your roof inspector may find during your routine roof inspection, the 4 most common things that are found are:

· A dirty roof.

· Problematic gutters.

· Unwelcome guests and animals.

· Cracks and leaks.

A dirty roof and gutters mean an unsafe roof. Metal roofs are much easier to clean than tiled roofs as they hold fewer nooks and crannies for debris to collect in. When your roof is inspected, the inspector will notify you of problematic areas that need to be addressed in a roof report, you can then choose to resolve these issues yourself or have the team do it for you.

Gutters play a very important role in roof plumbing, they manage the runoff of huge amounts of water, debris and other things. Your gutters are at most risk when it comes to any kind of damage and therefore should be looked after the most. Problematic Gutters can potentially lead to mould and mildew growth causing water damage to the property. In extreme cases, it can also cause structural problems.

Unwelcome animals are a regular find when it comes to roof inspections! Yes, you may have some sneaky squatters in your roof living rent free. During your next inspection keep an eye out for the following common culprits:

· Birds

· Snakes

· Bees

· Possums

· Mice & rats

If you find any of the following keeping safe and warm in your roof call your local pest control team.

Cracks and leaks in your roof are often signs of bigger problems and can range in a variety of roof complications:

· Electrical Issues

· Ceiling and Wall Damage

· Insulation Damage

· Rafter Rot

· Mould Growth

If you find any of the above during your roof inspection get in touch with an expert from Melbourne Reroofing Group to find the perfect roofing solution for you.