Signs your roof need to be replaced.

Most roofs were designed to last in excess of 10 years or more. Despite their design, many external factors such as extreme weather, animal activities, falling trees and other environmental impacts can lead to premature roof wear, tear and damages.

All good roofing plumbers (experts) highly recommend regular roof maintenance to keep your roof in optimum shape. A good rule of thumb is annual inspections for any roof less than 5 years old and 6 monthly inspections for any roof older than 5 years. Signs to look for during your annual inspections.

The team at Melbourne Reroofing Group have put together the top 5 signs you should look for when it comes to roof repair.

1.There are leaks in your roof system.

Rain or heavy snowfall can cause water leaks within your roof, ultimately resulting in water damage to your roof. Always keep an eye out for water damage and quickly get in touch with a professional roof plumber if you spot any of the following water damage signs:

· Water Stains on The Walls and Ceiling.

· Peeling or Blistering Paint.

· Frost Nails.

2. Dirty dark areas / patches on your roof.

Obvious dark and dirty areas start to appear on your roof when granule particles start to fall of shingles, thus meaning your shingles have aged and warrant a prompt replacement. Dark patches that appear on your roof may also indicate moss or algae growth which can rapidly increase your roofs wear and cause rapid spread of damage, including the entrapment of moisture.

3. Punctures and Holes in your roof.

Punctures and holes in your roof expose the structure of your inner house to the elements, greatly increasing the risk of water damage, leaks, moisture build-up and rot. Local wildlife and extreme weather conditions are prime candidates when it comes to punctures and holes in your roof. It is recommended any sizeable holes or punctures are repaired immediately by a professional qualified roof plumber to avoid further damage. The team at Melbourne Reroofing Group are available to help at any time should this occur. Keep your family and your assets safe with a secure and safe roofing solution.

4. Roof Shrinkage.

Many roofs are coated to protect your roof from harmful elements such as rain and extreme heat. On occasions the membrane coating can wear away and shrink, leaving your roof to be exposed in its raw form to extreme conditions. If your roof is exposed/shrinks exposure can result in accelerated roof damage and must be assessed as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

5. Granules or Sand in your driveway and gutter system.

Gutters can help any homeowner spot early roof issues with ease. Keep an eye out for any ‘sand’ or ‘granules’, this occurs when your existing shingles lose their coverings and the little particles wash into your gutters and driveways. If you see the sand in mention call a professional plumber to assess and protect your home swiftly.