The top 7 reasons you should choose a Colorbond roof for your home.

Colorbond roofs are an innovative steel coated metal roofing solution manufactured by BlueScope Steel.

As a homeowner, there are many responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the exterior of a home. Primarily the roof of your house undergoes a lot of harsh and potentially dangerous environmental elements such as storms, heavy rain, ultraviolet rays, heat and many more. A Colorbond roofing solution is one the best investment you can make as a responsible homeowner, here are the top 7 reasons why.

Melbourne Reroofing Group Colorbond Roof

Reason 1: Colorbond roofing is lightweight.

Colorbond steel coated metal roofing is just one-tenth of the weight of standard roofing tiles and is one of the most distinctive features Colorbond roofing offers. Being so light in weight, ensures minimal stress on the roof framing, foundations and walls of the property also making installation faster and much more cost effective. Unlike most other roofing solutions, the weight of Colourbond is not altered by wet conditions, whereas other materials such as tiles can absorb water and increase weight, Colourbond does not.

Reason 2: Colorbond roofs are weather-resistant and energy efficient.

Australia is renowned for its harsh climate and Colorbond is made to withstand even the worst it has to offer. Tested in both laboratories and outdoor facilities across Australia, Colourbond ensures peak performance at all times. Colorbond is designed to withstand weather conditions such as:

· Extreme Heat

· Extreme Cold

· Exceptionally Wet Weather

· Hail

· Wind

· Dust

· Fire

Your roof can directly affect the cooling and heating costs of your home.

Colorbond offers 21 of their 22 roofing colours with Thermatech solar reflectance technology. This means your roof has a lower solar absorbance which ultimately minimises your heating and cooling costs.

Reason 3: Colorbond roofs are corrosion resistant.

Colorbond’s unique five-layer protection system design prevents corrosion other metal roofs may experience during extreme downpours or in the event of acid rain.

The layers ensure long-lasting protection against corrosive agents and keep your roof looking great for longer!

Reason 4: Colorbond steel offers a warranty of up to 36 years.

It’s clear, Colorbond roofs are built to last. You’ll have peace of mind for decades to come with your Colorbond Roof under BlueScope Steels warranty options. Check out the warranty estimator here: Click Here

Reason 5: Colorbond offers flexibility with design.

Colorbond metal roofs come in a huge range of colours and shade for you to pick from. There is a total of 22 Colour Variations for you to perfectly match your home, all categorised in either the Classic Colour Range or Contemporary Colour Range. Colorbond also gives you the flexibility to mould the sheets to match your homes aesthetic with curves or straightened sheets.

Reason 6: Colorbond is great value for money.

Colorbond roofs are easy to maintain, install and save on your home insurance premium as most insurers look more favourably on Colorbond roofing solutions. All you need to do is give your roof a little clean every 6 months to keep it looking as good as new and ensure your roof is free from debris. This is also something mother nature provides for free in most cases, with a bit of heavy rain.

There is no need to paint your Colourbond roof, as the name suggests the colour is bonded directly to the metal roofing itself and prevents chipping, cracking and any peeling even during the harshest weather conditions.

Reason 7: Colorbond roofs are fireproof.

Colorbond secures and protects your home and contents with its advanced protection against the common bush fire. Compliant with some of Australia’s most extreme and harsh bush fire zones. Incombustible, they will not catch fire even during electrical storms and lightning strikes.

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