What are the main steps when it comes to reroofing and roof replacement?

Melbourne Reroofing Group have a growing reputation across Melbourne and surrounding suburbs when it comes to residential, industrial and commercial roofing and reroofing projects. The professional and competitive team at Melbourne Reroofing Group are roofing specialists within excess of 35 years qualified experience ready to work on your next roofing project.

With any project you take on it’s good to know what to expect and look for when sourcing the best solution for your roofing project’s needs. Reroofing / roofing is a major project and investment and the MRG team are here to assist with every step, from informative, competitive quotes to qualified works with premium materials, to the aftercare and 10 Year exclusive MRG warranty, we have you covered all the way.

What does Reroofing / Roof replacement involve?

Want to know what to expect during a reroofing, roofing project with the team from Melbourne Reroofing Group? Here is a quick step by step guideline for you to help manage your expectations with your next roofing project. Let’s get started!

1. First and foremost, upon contacting the team at Melbourne Reroofing Group one of our friendly experts will visit the premises to complete an initial inspection and consultation. Find out what your goals are in in the project and provide you with a transparent competitive quote for your roofing project. Then they will schedule a completion timeframe and date with you.

The Roofing / Reroofing process is as follows;

a. The MRG team with protect all surrounding areas of the house with a protective tarp in line with Australian Safety Standards. Surrounding areas can include walls, furniture etc. Once the old roofing material has been removed off a professionally fitted drip edge will be installed to prevent water from backing up under the new roofing surface.

b. The installation of moisture preventing shields will next take place. These include both water and ice shields over the roof decking.

c. Premium quality underlay is then installed over the entire roofing surface.

d. Installation of the new roofing materials will then be laid out, starting from the bottom working upwards.

e. Next to come are metal flashings and diverts, these will be installed at critical points such as near chimneys and in the channels. These are installed with high grade industry sealant to prevent any water damage or water seeping under the edges.

f. Next comes the installation of the ridge vents to ensure good ventilation as well as aiding the protection of the entire reroof project. The addition of rib caps will complete the new look roof and protect the ridge vents.

g. Finally, the team at Melbourne Reroofing Group will ensure a proper clean is undertaken, safely ensuring they tidy the work area on completion ensuring landscaping etc is left free from any debris and nails.

h. The team will then complete a final inspection on the roofing project ready for handover and for you to enjoy your new roof!

Want to get started on your next roofing or reroofing project?

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