What is a metal roof, fun facts – Australia.

Melbourne Reroofing Group Private Property with Metal Roof

In Australia you may notice metal roofs all around you slowly making an appearance. You probably wouldn’t normally go looking at the roofs surrounding you, but if you were to take a drive or a nice stroll around the neighbourhood you will likely find some properties with a beautiful sleek metal roof.

How much do you know about metal roofs? Today we are going to explore some fun facts when it comes to metal roofs and why having one on your home is something up for serious consideration when building or reroofing your home. The team at Melbourne Reroofing Group want to help you choose the best roofing solution for your home or property, so we have collated together some useful information to help.

What are the primary benefits of having a metal roof?

There are many reasons why you may choose a metal roof for your building, the best way to know if metal roofing is a good match for you is to put to consideration some of the following:

· Longevity of the roof.

Metal roofs in Australia have been specifically designed and engineered to last much longer than any other roofing material. (For example: Asphalt shingles, concrete and tiles.) For many people they decide to purchase a metal roof knowing it is the only roof they will need to put on their property. Today most metal roofs can last in excess of 60 years without corrosion or degrading and are backed by a warranty.

· Durability of the roof.

When it comes to materials used in buildings such as wood, concrete, glass, plastic and metals, metal is easily the front runner when it comes to strength and durability. When installed properly by a professional roof plumber your metal roof is capable of withstanding the harsh elements of nature. These can include;

· Strong Winds

· Heavy rainfall

· Snow

· Hail

· Mold

· Mildew

· Pests such as rodents

Metal roofs are also non-combustible and host the highest fire resistance grade possible.

· Ongoing maintenance of the roof.

A huge advantage of having a metal roof is the minimal amount of ongoing maintenance. Once the roof is correctly installed general upkeep is very simple and consists of ensuring no leaves or debris are stuck on the roof or in the gutters and cleaning the roof if dirty, we recommend undertaking these twice a year.

· Eco-Friendliness of the roof.

Metal is one of the most recyclable materials in the world. Most metal roof sheets are made from recycled materials and can be recycled once finished with.

· The Roofs warranty.

In Australia, most metal roofs have a minimum warranty of 30 years against corrosion and weathering caused by natural elements. These warranties are based from the date of installation.

· The overall cost of the roof long term.

Cost is a primary factor when it comes to making a decision on your new roof. The long-term cost of a metal roof far outweighs the short-term cost of a tiled roofing solution. In short, you only need to install a metal roof once in your lifetime, whereas an alternative roofing solution should be replaced once every 15 – 20 years.

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