What is Reroofing? Everything you need to know when it comes to reroofing in Melbourne.

One of the most essential aspects of protecting your home and ensuring your families safety is a well-designed, expertly built roof. On occasions small roofing issues can be repaired with a quick fix but on many occasions, reroofing is necessary to maintain the protection of your home and family.

What does Reroofing mean?

Reroofing, what is that? In short reroofing means the replacement or updating of a buildings existing roof. The two most common methods of reroofing are tear off and roof overlay.

What is a roof overlay?

A roof overlay is a reroofing method which involves keeping your existing roof and applying a layer of shingles over the top. The roof overlay method is a less expensive, quicker method of repair, but is only a short-term fix and can later on be challenging when it comes to locating further problems such as leak locations. A roof overlay can only be applied once to the roof with no further additions.

What is the tear off method?

The tear off method in roof replacement involves the removal of the existing roof and installation of an entirely new fresh roof. The tear off method is the most efficient when it comes to fixing any existing damage on your roof. It is also an opportunity to change the style of roof you have updating the aesthetics of your property and long term will last and add more value to your property. The tear off reroofing method is generally more expensive then the roof overlay option, but a better long-term solution.

What are the main stages of Reroofing in Melbourne?

Melbourne Reroofing Group are a professional qualified Melbourne based company with over 35 years’ experience when it comes to reroofing. To ensure your reroofing project runs smoothly Melbourne Reroofing Group will ensure the following steps are followed.

1. Initial Reroofing Preparation: This involves an initial assessment of your old roofing and guttering along with a complete roof inspection. The initial preparation will allow MRG to provide you with an accurate estimate and roofing solutions to suit your property. Don’t forget to tell the team what you want from your new roof so they can make your dreams a reality.

2. Reroofing Pre-Installation Preparation: The team at Melbourne Reroofing Group will plan and execute an efficient reroofing project set up with premium roofing equipment, ensuring safety is a priority at all times. This will result in a safe and structured work environment for the team to complete your project.

3. Installing the roof replacement or installing the roof overlay: Melbourne Reroofing Group will perform the reroofing project in line with all Australian safety regulations to ensure you have the best reroofing solution for many years to come.

4. Post Reroofing inspection: Melbourne Reroofing Group’s qualified team will complete a final inspection of your reroofed roof to ensure the roof will remain safe for many years to come, all works are backed by Melbourne Reroofing Groups 10 year warranty.