Why change from a tiled roof to a metal roof?

One of the most common residential roofing questions we get asked when it comes to updating a roof is, “Is it possible to replace my tiled roof with a metal roof?” The answer quite simply is YES! For many people across Melbourne and Australia the decision to update their roof from a tiled one to a metal one is very common practice. There are many benefits of swapping an existing tiled roof to a metal one, Colorbond Steel Roof.

The top 5 reasons people change a tiled roof to a metal roof.

1. A metal roof is much lighter than a tiled roof, on average a huge ninety two percent lighter overall! This means less weight for your properties structure to bear.

2. The Colorbond Coolmax range of metal roofing offers superior thermal properties.

3. Metal roofs require minimal to no maintenance – with the exception of leaves collecting on it.

4. Metal Colorbond roofing has a higher tolerance to extreme weather conditions and outperform tiles in conditions such as hailstorms.

5. Metal roofing is more secure than tiled roofing, preventing illegal entry into properties.

Melbourne Reroofing Group regularly upgrade existing and dated tiled roofs to Colorbond metal ones across Melbourne and greater Victoria.

Other common reasons many people are making the switch to a metal roof are the overall aesthetics of a metal roof and the versatility. Generally speaking tiled roofing is available in 5 different profiles and just 13 colours, compared to Colorbond which offers 22 unique Australian inspired colours.

What are the top 5 most popular Colorbond colours?

· Monument.

· Basalt.

· Jasper.

· Woodland Grey.

· Surfmist.

How do you choose the colour of your new metal roof?

The roofing colour you select for your new metal roof will overall impact the look and feel of your home for many years to come. It’s important for you to select the right colour for your home, don’t be tempted to pick any shade available.

Choosing the right colour for you home can impact the overall value of your property and choosing the wrong one can have the opposite effect. Ensure you check council guidelines for colour restrictions as there may be fines or penalties if you do not follow you neighbourhoods’ restrictions.

Things to consider when choosing the colour of your new metal roof.

· The location of your house; consider the characteristics of sunlight.

· The overall architectural style of your home.

· Fixtures that are permanent on the property.

· The existing colour of your home.

· Your personal style and preferences.

If you are still unsure of the colour to choose for your new metal roof, simply ask one of our professional experts to assist you. A friendly roof contractor from the team at Melbourne Reroofing Group can assess your roof and assist you with all your roofing and reroofing needs, providing you with a total solution.

For a hassle-free and quality Colorbond roofing installation or replacement experience, contact Melbourne Reroofing Group on 13002 REROOF or request a quote online today.