Why is a qualified roof plumber is important?

When it comes to tackling any roofing or reroofing project it’s important that from the very beginning you get the right person to do the job. Whilst you may have heard of ‘Roofing Professionals’ what you really need is a ‘Roof Plumber’.

What is a roof plumber?

A roof plumber is a person who is qualified and trained in all aspects of roofing. This includes the installation of gutters, downpipes, flashings, and rainwater tanks on both commercial and residential buildings. For many like the team at Melbourne Reroofing Group they are also qualified in the installation of roof sheeting and wall cladding. A roof plumber with experience has the ability to read an interpret technical diagrams for the installation of roof drainage systems for a variety of angle in properties.

A roof plumbers’ role is to ensure that water flows off your roof correctly into gutters, downpipes and then off or into a water tank. You want to avoid having any water flow into your property causing damage to one of your most valuable assets. It’s imperative to get this system right the first time. A roof plumber from the team at Melbourne Reroofing Group can assess and quote your roofing needs to ensure you have the right solution for your roofing project. Always ensure you work with a qualified roof plumber who provides a roof that meets Australian Standards that will last for many years to come.

What is a roofer?

Not to be confused with a roof plumber a roofer is a term used to describe any personnel that works on a roof. A roofer can include the like of a roofing contractor, a general contractor also taking on roofing work, an unlicensed contractor or unlicensed roofing contractor who works for a roofing company. Prior to approving someone to take on your project, be sure to clarify whether or not they are licenced to do so, you can witness their licence or contractor’s licence. Many qualified roof plumbers may bring an unlicensed roofer to assist them, and this is acceptable. Never allow an unlicensed roofer perform works solo.

In short, Victorian law is clear and defines if you want to perform any work or repairs on your home you need to call for professional help.

Here are 4 signs to tell if you are hiring a good Roof Plumber.

Number 1: Your Roof Plumber has a proven track record.

When hiring any tradesperson, it’s important they know what they are doing. You can gauge this really well by their track record from previous clients by reading testimonials on their social platforms which is easy to find.

Number 2: Your Roof Plumber is licensed and qualified.

Choosing a licensed and qualified roof plumber is the safest option for all involved.

Number 3: Your Roof Plumber comes with warranty and insurance.

Number 4: Your Roof Plumber is local.